CN Detroit Intermodal Terminal Gate Expansion

assignment Project NameCN Detroit Intermodal Terminal Gate Expansion

place Location8 Mile Road, Ferndale, Michigan

person OwnerCN / Grand Trunk Western Railroad Company

local_offer Value$3,400,000.00

insert_photo Project Photos

format_list_bulleted Project Scope

  • Removal of existing concrete and HMA surfaces and replace with 20,000 SYD of Concrete Pavement
  • 5,000 CYD of Earth Excavation and 4,200 CYD of embankment
  • Removal and Disposal of 1,000 Cyd of Non Hazardous Contaminated Material
  • Placement of 9,000 Ton of open graded drainage course
  • Installation of 2,000 FT of storm sewer
  • Installation of 6-Lane Entrance Canopy and 4-Lane Exit Canopy
  • Installation of 16 Each LED Luminaires
  • Installation of 11 Each Card Reader and 11 Each Informational Kiosk
  • Installation of over 21,000 Lft underground wire

assignment Project Details

The completed project improved the ingress/egress of truck traffic at the CN Detroit Intermodal Terminal by using the Digital Card Reader and Bar Code Scanner.

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